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It isn’t a real kiss unless it’s in a series of three.
Three kisses, three words: I love you.
It is vital to have goodnight kisses. Kisses in the morning can be delayed due to morning breath. Kisses in the middle of the day are spontaneous, but still in groups of threes. Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Coffee and cigarettes are always the best way to begin a heart to heart.
Make a cup of joe, sit outside, and smoke the cigarettes that overhear the innermost thoughts of the heart. Decaying teeth coinciding with growing love, rotting lungs intertwined with bonding talks.

Even if there is no conversation, being together and sharing silence is a treat to be valued. Whether it’s while watching a movie, or just sitting around and doing separate things, being near each other is time well spent.

Fights, arguments, duels of wit, debates, and hateful words are inevitable. Seeing eye to eye is overrated anyway. However, going to bed angry is never acceptable.
Three kisses at bed time have to be shared when the fight is over, and the fight must be over in order to go to sleep. There are no exceptions.

It started with flirtatious friendship. It developed into love. Love caused the growth of an even stronger friendship.
Isn’t that what love is?
Love is to be with your best friend day in and day out because they are the only person you want to be around that often. Love is trust and communication, both are required in the friendship department.
My best friend is my lover, my companion, my rock, my world, my all.


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Takin Calf (by San Diego Zoo Global)

Badlands (by Reuben Wu)

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Mystical Forest, Hampstead Heath, England
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The beginning of the hike

Photo of the Day: Train Hopping (or “Texas, Ho!”)
Photo by Amelia Merrick (Astoria, Queens, NY, USA); Louisiana to Texas, USA

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